The third alpha release ( is out. It took some time, but the results are good! Please test and report back :-)

The main changes:

  • Graphs!
    • The stats to be graphed can be configured in settings.
  • NetDB!
    • The stats page and the entry lists can be refreshed from the action bar.
    • Routers and LeaseSets can be searched.
  • Addressbook now shows private hostnames, and new hostnames can be added.
    • The B64 for a new hostname can be loaded from a text file. The first line should be the B64 (later lines are ignored). You will need to have a File Manager installed.

Other changes:

  • A bug causing the tunnel details page to crash has been fixed.
  • The Peers screen does not crash intermittently, thanks zzz!
  • The app icon quality has been improved, and the notification bar icons have been changed to match the Android design guide.
  • The Log views are now combined in a single Activity, and can be displayed by the drop-down menu.
  • More pages save their state when the screen is rotated.
  • More pages fail gracefully when the router is not running (instead of crashing).
  • The settings menu has been migrated to use preference headers, which should improve usability on tablets.
  • Exploratory tunnels settings show the current value in the settings menu.
    • This is not updated when the setting is changed, only when the menu is closed and reopened. To be fixed.